Buy before you Sell Program

June 28, 2023

If you have a home to sell and you want to buy a new home, this program could be for you! I’d like to get you approved for my “Buy before you SELL” program.

Like the name implies, what it’s going to allow you to do is purchase your NEXT HOME before selling YOUR CURRENT home.

Now there’s main 4 things that the programs going to enable you to do.

1. REMOVE YOUR HOME “sell”contingency. This means you GET TO make the MOST COMPETITIVE OFFER possible on a new home, while saving roughly 1% to 3% compared to a CONTINGENT OFFER.

2. We’re going to be able to REMOVE YOUR CURRENT MORTGAGE balance from your debt-to-income ratio. This means it’s going to be easier for you to QUALIFY for a mortgage AND at a HIGHER amount.

3. We are going to take that equity that’s in your current home and we’re going to UNLOCK IT so you can use it towards a DOWN PAYMENT ON A new property. The more equity you have, the more equity we can unlock.

4. Once you’re already settled in your new home, we’re going to turn around and SELL your old home VACANT AND STAGED. On average, we’re seeing vacant and staged homes sell for 5 to 10% more than a traditionally occupied listing.

So essentially, what “BUY BEFORE YOU SELL” allows you to do is SAVE MONEY on the BUY SIDE, EARN MORE MONEY on the SELL side, ALL while giving you ADDED convenience. All you need to do, is get APPROVED to put the OPTION on the TABLE. There’s NO COST or COMMITMENT. It’s that easy! Contact me if you’re interested.

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